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Stories from 2011

Night shift incident prompts consideration of FRMS for Air Traffic Controllers

A recent NTSB report detailing how a tower controller fell asleep during the night shift has led to talk of FRMS being applied to air traffic controllers. Dr. Curt Graeber, an aviation safety and human performance consultant, chaired the ICAO Task Force whose work led this summer to the release...Read more

FAA should take “immediate action” to combat pilot fatigue says U.S. Senator

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar calls upon FAA to issue much-needed updates to airline safety standards combating pilot fatigue. Pilot fatigue has been on the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) Most Wanted List, a list of recommendations and reforms to help improve passenger and airline safety, since 1990. It was a...Read more

Fatigue “the most frequently identified issue” for flight attendants says FAA Report

Crew fatigue is the most frequently cited safety risk for cabin crew, according to a recent report by the FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute. As a result of reviewing more than 1800 surveys the authors conclude that fatigue was the most frequently addressed topic and that this finding held firm...Read more

3pm slump? Why a sugar rush may not be the answer

Protein not sugar stimulates cells keeping us thin and awake, new study suggests. A new study has found that protein and not sugar activates the cells responsible for keeping us awake and burning calories.  The research, published in the November issue of the scientific journal Neuron, has implications for understanding obesity...Read more

Newmont Mining select Clockwork to develop fatigue elearning programme

Newmont Mining, one of the world's largest producers of gold, has appointed Clockwork Research to develop fatigue risk management training for its 34,000 employees and contractors. The training, which will support Newmont's Fatigue Risk Management Standard, will be developed as an eLearning programme, as well as in DVD format for...Read more

Clockwork/TRL win contract to analyse HM Coroners’ toxicology data 

A team comprised of scientists from the Transport Research Laboratory and Clockwork Research has been awarded the Department for Transport contract to collect and analyse toxicology data provided by HM Coroners in England and Wales and Procurators Fiscal in Scotland, in cases where road accident fatalities have tested positive for...Read more

US Military Charter Flights Susceptible to Pilot Fatigue

Less stringent flight and duty time limits for charter pilots could explain prevalence of fatigue in military-charter accidents. As a result of a shortage of military aircraft and pilots, 87% of US military personnel flown around the globe are carried by civilian charter airlines. These flights operate under US rules...Read more

Flight Time Limitations – One-Size-Fits-None?

Aviation legislators worldwide have long struggled with the need to create flight time limitation (FTL) rules that strike a balance between providing flexibility for operators whilst protecting flight crew from overly arduous schedules. As the European Aviation Safety Agency and the US Federal Aviation Authority face criticism of their respective...Read more

EU fatigue rules “unsafe” BALPA tells MPs

Pilots flying to the limits of proposed European flight time limitations will suffer performance decrement comparable to that associated with having drunk five cans of beer, UK MPs have been told. In a briefing given to MPs and Peers at Parliament, BALPA warned that the new flight time rules being...Read more

Clockwork to survey Luxair cabin crew

As part of the ongoing development of its Fatigue Risk Management System, Luxembourg-based airline Luxair has selected Clockwork to administer a fatigue survey of their cabin crew workforce. This is the third project Clockwork has undertaken for Luxair, following a fatigue analysis of Luxair rosters and a fatigue survey of...Read more