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Bedtime is not just for kids!

A new study shows that consistent bedtimes in adults are associated with falling asleep earlier in the evening and better cardio-metabolic health outcomes than irregular bedtimes.

The study looked at adults who don’t work shift work, but may have irregular sleep patterns e.g. staying up late some nights but not others.

People with regular bedtimes showed lower levels of daytime sleepiness, while people with irregular bedtimes were more likely to sleep later, and have lower levels of physical activity. A higher level of sleep timing irregularity was also associated with higher stress levels, increased depression severity, and several indicators or contributors to cardiovascular disease.

The study links with existing data that links disturbances in the circadian rhythm (usually due to shift work or jetlag) with impacts on our cardiovascular health. The regularity of bedtimes seems, in this study, to be more predictive of cardiovascular health than other measures like sleep duration and sleep timing.

See our tips on getting to sleep to help create a routine for a regular bedtime.