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Alexandra Holmes

Alexandra Holmes

Research Director

Dr Alexandra Holmes is Research Director at Clockwork Research, specialising in scientific safety cases and the implementation of Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) in aviation. With a PhD exploring the health effects of sleep loss and shift work, Alex is a current member of the ICAO Helicopter Fatigue Management Task Force and assists the UK CAA and Irish CAA to evaluate FRMS applications and safety cases.

Alex worked closely with easyJet to assist the company to become the first European airline to implement an FRMS. She has recently completed a two-year project with Southwest Airlines to implement the first system-wide FRMS in the US.

Alex has managed multiple Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) programmes and large research projects to explore the causes and consequences of pilot fatigue. She has undertaken scientific studies of the sleep, fatigue and performance of pilots working for Air France, Cathay Pacific and Qatar Airways.


Sarah Booth

Sarah Booth

Research Manager

Sarah Booth is a Research Manager at Clockwork Research. A specialist in human performance in the aviation and aerospace environments, Sarah has worked with aviation operators to develop and implement Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) across multiple regulatory environments.

Sarah specialises in the integration of key data streams into the FRMS. A highly experienced user of biomathematical fatigue models, Sarah develops key metrics for the analysis of roster-related-fatigue levels and the determination of broader schedule quality. Sarah also works closely with operators to implement effective, data-rich fatigue reporting systems, and to identify barriers to reporting.

A regular speaker at both academic and industry conferences, Sarah is also a trainer, delivering to operators in the implementation of Fatigue Risk Management, as well as courses in the use of biomathematical modelling.

Sarah obtained an honours degree in Physiological Sciences from the University of Oxford, focusing on cardiovascular physiology and immunology and a Master’s degree in Space Physiology and Health at King’s College London. Sarah is an Affiliate Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Catherine Okuboyejo


Catherine Okuboyejo is an Analyst at Clockwork Research. Catherine has worked previously conducting research at Washington State University for a leading US airline’s FRMS.

Catherine specialises in the analysis of large sleep and physiological datasets and is a highly experienced user of the statistical programming software R. She also uses bio-mathematical fatigue models to analyse roster-related fatigue.

Catherine obtained an honours degree in Biochemistry from the University of Surrey, focusing on sleep, biological rhythms and systems biology.

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson

Dr Paul Jackson is a psychologist specialising in the impairment that accompanies tiredness, drug and alcohol use, with extensive experience as a consultant to both industry and government.

Paul has designed fatigue risk management systems and fatigue awareness training programmes for a range of clients including BP, Cargolux, Jetairfly, easyJet, Newmont Mining, Shell and Virgin Atlantic. He also leads Clockwork’s fatigue auditing service, in which capacity he has undertaken visits to mine sites and oil and gas installations in Australia, Angola, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Libya, New Zealand, Oman, Peru, Qatar and the USA.

Previously, Paul was Research Programme Manager at the UK Department for Transport (DfT). During this time he served on the Secretary of State for Transport’s Honorary Medical Advisory Panel on Alcohol, Drugs and Substance Misuse and was the UK representative on the EU Expert Panel on Drugs and Alcohol.

In 2012 Paul was commissioned to write a series of reports for the DfT Advisory Panel on Drug Driving. Previously, Paul was invited by Sir Peter North to write a review of the current state of knowledge regarding drugs and driving in the UK and overseas. This report formed an integral part of the North Review of drink and drugs driving law.

A regular speaker at road and aviation safety conferences in the UK and overseas, Paul is also a highly experienced trainer, and is a Visiting Lecturer at Cranfield University. He also delivers the Joint Aviation Authority Training Organisation (JAA-TO) course ‘An Introduction to Fatigue Risk Management Systems’ for aviation operators, as well as a longer course for aviation regulators.


Paul completed his PhD at Imperial College, London, researching the effects of navigation systems on the development of cognitive skills. He also has a Masters degree in Environmental Psychology and a BSc (Jt Honours) in Psychology and Sociology.

Curt Graeber

Curt Graeber

Dr Curt Graeber is President of The Graeber Group, Ltd., an independent consultancy specialising in human performance and aviation safety. He retired from Boeing in 2008 as a Senior Technical Fellow, Chief Engineer for Human Factors and Director of Regional Safety Programs. He also served as Chief, Crew Operations, for the development of the 737-NG airplane series.

Previously Dr Graeber led the flight crew fatigue program at NASA’s Ames Research Center. Curt has received numerous awards from various international aerospace organizations and has authored over 100 scientific and technical articles. He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, the Aerospace Medical Association and the Flight Safety Foundation. He co-chaired the Flight Safety Foundation’s Ultra Long-Range Crew Alertness Initiative and led ICAO’s Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) Task Force. He chairs Air New Zealand’s Independent Alertness Advisory Panel and has worked with Clockwork as an FRMS advisor to Air France and Southwest Airlines.

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Titan Airways engaged with Clockwork to assist in the development of training to meet both the regulatory needs of EASA-FTL and the unique fatigue management challenges that we face in an ad-hoc operating environment. Clockwork’s approach to the task was methodical and also sympathetic to the diverse operation types we have. The communication from the Clockwork team was excellent throughout the project including ongoing support after release. The final training product truly combined the theoretical and practical aspects of fatigue management with the Titan operating environment and quote

Graham Baguley

Operations Director

Titan Airways

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Clockwork’s insights and experience enabled us to improve our data collection rates and their analytical skills offered invaluable insights into operational issues. It is fair to say that Clockwork has caused us to completely rethink our LOSA process, turning it into a true added-value quote

Norman MacLeod

Human Factors Manager

Cathay Pacific Airlines

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We embarked on a complex project with Clockwork and the team at Clockwork were receptive to our ideas and made sure they immersed themselves in our own company culture. This relationship building gave us the ability to give open and honest feedback from both parties which resulted in an excellent programme that our cabin crew could use that was appropriate to their roles and easy to relate quote

Matt Whipp

Manager SEP, Security & AvMed Training

Virgin Atlantic Airways