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Senior management

The successful introduction of a fatigue management programme requires the support and understanding of senior management.

Clockwork Research regularly delivers management briefing sessions to senior management teams, to provide all the information they need to enable them to meet their responsibilities for managing fatigue.

During these interactive sessions we address frequently asked questions including:

  • Fatigue and tiredness – what’s the difference?
  • What consequences does fatigue have for safety and operational performance?
  • What is fatigue management and how does it differ from managing fatigue using FTL?
  • When is a crew member too fatigued to operate – and when are they just a bit tired?
  • How can we be sure our crew are engaged with our reporting system – and are honest in their reports?
  • What are the benefits of fatigue management for the operation?
  • What safety performance indicators should we collect and analyse?
  • How will actively managing fatigue improve our performance?


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We have been working closely with Clockwork since 2013. They have been instrumental in the airline successfully setting up an effective fatigue programme, through an in-depth analysis of the airlines operations and produced excellent training materials to improve the crew understanding of fatigue. The staff at Clockwork are extremely knowledgeable and professional, making it easy to achieve good results in reducing the risks associated with fatigue in our very complex quote

Russel Ellis

Director, Operations Control

Air Astana

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Clockwork’s insights and experience enabled us to improve our data collection rates and their analytical skills offered invaluable insights into operational issues. It is fair to say that Clockwork has caused us to completely rethink our LOSA process, turning it into a true added-value quote

Norman MacLeod

Human Factors Manager

Cathay Pacific Airlines

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We embarked on a complex project with Clockwork and the team at Clockwork were receptive to our ideas and made sure they immersed themselves in our own company culture. This relationship building gave us the ability to give open and honest feedback from both parties which resulted in an excellent programme that our cabin crew could use that was appropriate to their roles and easy to relate quote

Matt Whipp

Manager SEP, Security & AvMed Training

Virgin Atlantic Airways