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Fatigue risk site assessment and auditing

For larger clients who have introduced global policies or standards for managing fatigue, Clockwork Research provides a fatigue risk site assessment and auditing service.

Fatigue risk site assessments may be required where a group or groups at a site are involved in activities that are susceptible to the effects of fatigue (e.g. haul truck drivers, control room operators, emergency response teams), and/or the consequences of fatigue impacting on their performance would be significant. Clearly, both oil and gas and mining operations feature groups involved in a wide range of activities that are safety-critical, susceptible to the effects of fatigue, and have the potential to cause major undesirable consequences.

A fatigue risk site assessment employs a range of data collection techniques. For example, published rosters may be analysed using a bio-mathematical fatigue model, to identify groups at risk of fatigue due to features of their roster.  Subsequently, an environmental assessment may be conducted to identify features of the work environment that might contribute to fatigue (e.g.  environmental conditions, the ergonomics of the workplace and job design characteristics).

The assessment may also involve conducting interviews with representative groups of employees engaged in key roles or parts of the operation identified by the initial analysis and discussions with the safety team. At the conclusion of the assessment the site management is provided with an actions checklist detailing recommendations to enable them to achieve compliance with the company’s FRM standards. Training may also be provided so that the site has a local pool of qualified fatigue champions.

At the end of the site assessment our team leave the site management team with an Action Plan detailing the main contributors to fatigue, and key tasks that should be completed to enable the site to progress to the next level of compliance. For sites that are introducing a Fatigue Management Plan (FMP), the Action Plan can be used to support the development of the FMP.

To date, Clockwork has successfully conducted fatigue risk site assessments at sites in Australia, Angola, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Libya, New Zealand, Oman, Peru, Qatar, Scotland and the USA.



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We have been working closely with Clockwork since 2013. They have been instrumental in the airline successfully setting up an effective fatigue programme, through an in-depth analysis of the airlines operations and produced excellent training materials to improve the crew understanding of fatigue. The staff at Clockwork are extremely knowledgeable and professional, making it easy to achieve good results in reducing the risks associated with fatigue in our very complex quote

Russel Ellis

Director, Operations Control

Air Astana

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We embarked on a complex project with Clockwork and the team at Clockwork were receptive to our ideas and made sure they immersed themselves in our own company culture. This relationship building gave us the ability to give open and honest feedback from both parties which resulted in an excellent programme that our cabin crew could use that was appropriate to their roles and easy to relate quote

Matt Whipp

Manager SEP, Security & AvMed Training

Virgin Atlantic Airways

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Luxair has built a strong link to Clockwork over the past years. Not only did they help us to develop successful fatigue surveys with our cabin and cockpit crews but they also played a major role in the development of our fatigue reporting, our FRMS training and the analysis of our scheduling practices. Clockwork's staff were always open to our ideas/thoughts and with their professionalism and dedication helped us achieve our goal of mitigating fatigue related risks through our quote

Pascal Kremer

Safety Manager