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Roster analysis

Measuring risk through roster analysis

Using fatigue analysis software to predict the fatigue associated with rosters is a powerful way to gain an objective and operation-wide understanding of the extent to which rosters may be increasing fatigue. Clockwork Research uses fatigue models and statistical analysis to estimate the fatigue associated with different rosters. This enables us to identify fatigue hotspots, for example certain bases or routes, and to suggest adjustments to rosters to reduce fatigue.

But which biomathematical model should you use? And how do you interpret the data the model generates? The Clockwork team provides clients with impartial advice regarding the different models, to enable them to select the one that will be most appropriate for their needs. We train crew logistics and safety investigators how to use models as well as advising on data collection, analysis and producing reports to explain model results clearly.


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Clockwork’s insights and experience enabled us to improve our data collection rates and their analytical skills offered invaluable insights into operational issues. It is fair to say that Clockwork has caused us to completely rethink our LOSA process, turning it into a true added-value quote

Norman MacLeod

Human Factors Manager

Cathay Pacific Airlines

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We embarked on a complex project with Clockwork and the team at Clockwork were receptive to our ideas and made sure they immersed themselves in our own company culture. This relationship building gave us the ability to give open and honest feedback from both parties which resulted in an excellent programme that our cabin crew could use that was appropriate to their roles and easy to relate quote

Matt Whipp

Manager SEP, Security & AvMed Training

Virgin Atlantic Airways

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Luxair has built a strong link to Clockwork over the past years. Not only did they help us to develop successful fatigue surveys with our cabin and cockpit crews but they also played a major role in the development of our fatigue reporting, our FRMS training and the analysis of our scheduling practices. Clockwork's staff were always open to our ideas/thoughts and with their professionalism and dedication helped us achieve our goal of mitigating fatigue related risks through our quote

Pascal Kremer

Safety Manager