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Clockwork Research are a leading fatigue risk management consultancy, based in London in the UK. Part of the training and consulting division of the Air Partner Group alongside aviation safety experts Baines Simmons, we have over 15 years of experience in helping safety critical organisations manage the risk of fatigue in their operations. We specialise in providing innovative and effective fatigue risk management solutions, working with clients across various sectors of the aviation industry, as well as other safety-critical operating environments, such as the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors.

Our approach is founded upon a scientific understanding of the impact of human fatigue on safety-critical operations, combined with extensive industry experience and an appreciation of commercial realities. We can help organisations to understand their current position, build up and implement their FRM systems and empower their people with knowledge and competence in order to enhance operational performance.

Watch our short video from Co-founder and Research Director, Dr. Alexandra Holmes to find out more.

Fatigue Management Training

Fatigue Risk Management implementation often involves significant culture change for an organisation. To drive this change, training to inform individuals of their new responsibilities is required to give them the competency to meet them. Our Fatigue Management Training starts with a Training Needs Analysis to consider your training objectives and evaluate the extent to this they are being met.

FRM Diagnostic

Our Fatigue Risk Management Diagnostic (FRMD), assesses the extent to which your organisation is exposed to fatigue risk and the maturity and effectiveness of the FRM processes that are already in place.

Understanding Fatigue causes

To understand the effectiveness of your FRM, it is essential to gain insight from your workforce. Using Surveys and / or Focus Groups, we work to gain a clear understanding of the causes, and consequences of fatigue in your organisation, and how the current fatigue controls are working to control them.

Quantifying Schedule Fatigue

Fatigue is a risk to safety and operational effectiveness and increases the risk of accidents and absenteeism, diminishing employee health and productivity. This service forms part of an organisation’s journey from understanding FRM to learning how to apply the principals for performance improvement.

Building an FRMS

As well as facilitating safety, an FRMS can open up opportunities for greater operational effectiveness and flexibility. Achieving the most our of an FRMS relies upon developing capability to understand and translate fatigue science into practical operational solutions.

Developing Competence to Manage Fatigue Risk

We conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) prior to designing an individual or group competence development plan. The competence development plan usually comprises a combination of one-to-one mentoring sessions as well as recommendations for formal training courses.

FRM Refresher Training

Effective fatigue management training is key to engaging crew with your fatigue risk management (FRM) processes, and ensuring that they understand the role they need to play in managing operational fatigue risks.

Fatigue Safety Cases and Scientific Studies

A safety case can give you an edge over other operators within a highly competitive industry. A successful safety case usually consists of i) a well designed scientific study and ii) an effective FRMS. Throughout the application process, we can assist with the regular updates that you will need to provide to your Regulator.

FRM Audit Services

Our independent audit service provides a gap analysis of all of your documented FRM processes and procedures with the relevant regulations, for example ORO. FTL in the aviation industry in Europe, ROGS in the UK rail industry, or industry standards in the energy industry. This service will provide a more in-depth evaluation of the extent to which your organisation is managing fatigue, and the effectiveness of your fatigue management process.

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We have been working closely with Clockwork since 2013. They have been instrumental in the airline successfully setting up an effective fatigue programme, through an in-depth analysis of the airlines operations and produced excellent training materials to improve the crew understanding of fatigue. The staff at Clockwork are extremely knowledgeable and professional, making it easy to achieve good results in reducing the risks associated with fatigue in our very complex environment.open quote

Russel Ellis

Director, Operations Control

Air Astana

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We embarked on a complex project with Clockwork and the team at Clockwork were receptive to our ideas and made sure they immersed themselves in our own company culture. This relationship building gave us the ability to give open and honest feedback from both parties which resulted in an excellent programme that our cabin crew could use that was appropriate to their roles and easy to relate to.open quote

Matt Whipp

Manager SEP, Security & AvMed Training

Virgin Atlantic Airways

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Luxair has built a strong link to Clockwork over the past years. Not only did they help us to develop successful fatigue surveys with our cabin and cockpit crews but they also played a major role in the development of our fatigue reporting, our FRMS training and the analysis of our scheduling practices. Clockwork's staff were always open to our ideas/thoughts and with their professionalism and dedication helped us achieve our goal of mitigating fatigue related risks through our SMS.open quote

Pascal Kremer

Safety Manager